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Tape recorder

Manufacturer Model Date Description
Akai 4000DS
Akai 4000DS Mk-II
Akai GX-221D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-230D 3 Motor, AllGX Head Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-260D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-265D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-270D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-280D 3 Head 3 Motor Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-370D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-400D-SS 4-Channel / 2-Channel Compatible Stereo Tape Dec
Akai GX-630D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-630DB Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX-650D Stereo Tape Deck
Akai GX210D
Akai X-1810 Reel - To - Reel / Cartridge Combination Stereo
Akai X-1810D Reel - To - Reel / Cartridge Combination Stereo
Akai X-200D
Akai X-355
Akai X-355D
Akai X-360
Akai X-360D
Akai X-360DS
Braun TG 1000
Braun TG 1000/4
Braun TG 1020
Crown Pro-700 Recorder / Reproducer
Dual 810 Cassette Deck
Dual 820 Cassette Deck
Dual 830 Cassette Deck
Dual 839 RC Cassette Deck
Onkyo TA-RW100
Philips N4417/00
Philips N4417/04
Philips N4417/15
Philips N4417/19
Philips N4520 Recorder
Revox 27A Transportable Studio-Tonband-Anlage
Revox 27T Transportable Studio-Tonband-Anlage
Revox A700
Revox A77 April 1984
Revox A77 equipped with DOLBY B System
Revox B77 MKI 1981
Revox B77 MKII 1981
Revox C36
Revox D36
Revox E36
Revox G36
Rheem Manufacturing Co. 3190 Series
Rheem Manufacturing Co. 400X
Rheem Manufacturing Co. 5000 Series
Sony TC-765 Stereo tape deck
Studer B67 MK II Professional Tape Recorder
Studer B77 MKII 1997Stereo tape recorder
Teac A 3300 April 1972Stereo Tape Deck
Teac A 3340 April 1972Stereo Tape Deck
Teac A-2300SR 1978Stereo Tape Deck
Teac A-3300SR 1978Stereo Tape Deck
Teac AN-300 Noise Reduction Unit
Teac X-3 September 1980Stereo Tape Deck
Uher 22 Hifi Spezial
Uher 24 Hifi Spezial
Uher 4000 Report IC May 1977
Uher 4000 Report L
Uher 500
Uher 502
Uher 702
Uher 722
Uher 723
Uher Mix 700 stereo
Uher Royal de Luxe C
Uher SG 520 Variocord
Uher SG 561 Royal October 1978
Uher SG 631 Logic November 1979

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