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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Allied Radio T-60 01 January 1962
Ameco American Electronics Corp. TX-62
A/S S.P. Radio Sailor T-126 SBB Transmitter
British Military T.1083 December 1938
Central Electronics 100V 05 May 1959Exciter Transmitter
Central Electronics 200V 24 February 1961Broadband Exciter Transmitter
Central Electronics 20A 17 March 1954Multiphase Exciter
Central Electronics BC-457 05 October 1956Command Transmitter
Central Electronics BC-458 05 October 1956Command Transmitter
Central Electronics BC-459 05 October 1956Command Transmitter
Conar Coletronics Service Inc. Training Kit 3R 25 Watt CW Transmitter
Delta 120
Delta 310
Delta 310-1
Drake 2-NT CW Transmitter
Drake T-4B
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 720 9 0 - WATT CW TRANSMITTER
Eldico Electronics SSB-100F Exciter Transmitter
Gates Radio Company M-5790 BC-1T 17 February 19611000/250W Broadcast Transmitter
Geloso G4/228 01 January 1967
Geloso G4/229 01 January 1967
Globe Electronics Inc. Voice Control VOX-10
Gonset Commander Model B Multiband Transmitter
Hallicrafters Co. HT-44 Communications Transmitter
Harvey-Wells Electronic T-90 90 WATT TRANSMITTER
Johnson Adventurer
Johnson Challenger Bandswitched Shortwave Transmitter
Johnson Viking 1 Transmitter Kit
Johnson Viking 240-500-1
Johnson Viking 240-500-2
Johnson Viking II 1953
Johnson Viking Invader 2000 1963
Johnson Viking Mobile Kit
Johnson Viking Ranger
Johnson Viking Ranger II
Johnson Viking Valiant
Kelvin 153-03 Amateur Band Transmitter Kit
Knight-Kit TR-106 01 January 19666 Meter Transceiver
KW Communications 160
KW Communications 2000B
KW Communications KW 204 Single Sideband Transmitter
Lakeshore Industries Deluxe Phasemaster JR.
Lakeshore Industries Phasemaster II A 1957
Lakeshore Industries Phasemaster II B 1957
Lettine 240
Lorenz FuS4 100 Watt Sender
Lysco 500 Transmaster
Lysco 500S Transmaster
Lysco 600 Transmaster
Lysco 600S Transmaster
Mipro ACT-7H
Mipro MT-103a
Morrow Radio Manufacturing Co. PW-75
Nardeux T112A VHF 10W Transmitter
Philips SFZ 395/00 01 April 196550Watt HF Transmitter
Philmore Manufacturing NT-200 Novice Transmitter Kit
Racal PRM 4700A March 1988VHF Transmitter-Receiver
Radiomarine Corporation of America ET-8023-DI May 1944HIGH FREQUENCY RADIOTELEGRAPH TRANSMITTER
Stancor Standard Transformer Corporation ST-202A Radio Transmitter Kit
Stancor Standard Transformer Corporation ST-203-A 01 May 1948Radio Transmitter
Swan Electronics Corp. 600-T
WRL Electronics 300 1957
WRL Electronics Globe Champion 300-A
WRL Electronics Globe Chief 90
WRL Electronics Globe Scout 65A Bandswitching Transmitter
WRL Electronics Globe Trotter

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 Icom IC-2340H


 Sony UWP-V1

LaserJet 2300d

 HewlettPackard LaserJet 2300d

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