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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Advanced Electronics Applications ET-1 April 1990Antenna Tuner
Amp Supply AT-1200 01 January 1983Antenna Tuner
Daiwa Industry Co. CNA-2002 Automatic Antenna Tuner
Daiwa Industry Co. CNW-419 Antenna Tuner
Dentron 160-10 Antenna Tuner
Dentron JR. Monitor Antenna Tuner
Icom AH-2 1989HF Automatic Antenna tuner
Icom AH-3 1988HF Automatic Antenna Tuner
Icom AH-4 1997HF + 50MHz Automatic Antenna Tuner
Icom AT-120 1988HF Automatic Antenna tuner
Icom AT-130 2003HF Automatic Antenna Tuner
Icom AT-130E 2003HF Automatic Antenna Tuner
Icom AT-140 2003HF Automatic Antenna Tuner
Kenwood AT-120 April 1979Antenna Tuner
Kenwood AT-300 January 1991Automatic Antenna Tuner
Kenwood AT-50 December 1993Automatic Antenna Tuner
J. W. Miller AT 2500 Automatic Antenna Tuner

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