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Voltage Source

Manufacturer Model Date Description
Data Precision 8100 DC Secondary Voltage Standard
Datron Instruments 4708 01 December 1988Autocal Multifunction Standard
Datron Instruments 4910 01 January 1990DC Voltage Reference Standards
Datron Instruments 4911 01 January 1990DC Voltage Reference Standards
Fluke 731A 01 April 1971 DC Transfer Standard
Fluke 731B October 1974DC Reference Standard
Fluke 80E June 1981Voltage Divider
General Radio Company RAYTHEON “B”ELIMINATOR
Hewlett Packard 4140A December 1979pA Meter/DC Voltage Source
Keithley 230 1982Programmable Voltage Source
Krohn-Hite Corporation E1OORC 1999DC Millivolt Reference Source

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 Fluke 893A


 Funai LCD-B1506


 Adret 7100D

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